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Directions and Suggested Packing List for Spring Yoga Retreat


Event Location:

Touch of Nature Environmental Center

1208 Touch of Nature Road

Makanda, IL


Print or view these directions and maps of the grounds for your own personal use


For Yoga:  

Yoga materials will not be supplied.  

Mat, Towel, Water Bottle, and Additional Props such as Yoga Blankets, Block and Strap, Journal and pen


For Outdoor Hiking and Canoeing:

Good hiking shoes/boots, lightweight hiking socks, quick dry clothing, small pack for personal items 

Optional:  Swim suit and beach towel, sunscreen, mosquito/tick repellent, your own life jacket if you have one, small first aid kit


For Overnight Guests:

Clothing:  for yoga, hiking, beach time, leisure time and sleep.  Expect variable weather conditions, i.e. pack rain jacket and clothing for warm or cool temps (check weather report).  Quick dry clothing is an excellent choice, especially for socks.

Personal items:  Glasses, contact lenses, medication, first aid kit, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash, other personal hygiene items 

Optional:  A towel from home (Touch of Nature supplies linens, however you might enjoy bringing your own), a pillow from home, beach blanket for the bonfire, a book, journal and pen  (FYI:  I am not sure about wi-fi, and cellular service can be patchy for some users.)

Please contact Sarah at (847) 431-8945 or Touch of Nature at (618)453-1121 for any more questions

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