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Retreats and Workshops

"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." ~John Muir

EcoYogadventures in Costa Rica - Chirripo Cloud Forest > Uvita > Manuel Antonio  March 12-19, 2023
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Join Sarah Brenes for a mountain, cloud forest, and Pacific coastline adventure retreat.  We will begin our adventure exploring the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve in the Talamanca mountains in Costa Rica and enjoy majestic views and sounds of the mountains, forest, and river.  This region is also famous for having some of the most exquisite birds in the world.  From there, our travels will take us to Nauyaca Waterfalls:  2 gorgeous waterfalls that belong to the Barucito River.  We will then travel to the Pacific coast to Ballena Bay.  There will be daily yoga and meditation experiences, healthy and delicious food (can accommodate to most diets), hiking excursions through the primary forest, discovering inspirational waterfalls, beautiful beaches, gorgeous views of the coast from our yoga platform, and more sweet surprises.  

"Stoke the Light Within" Workshop

Saturday April 8th, 2023 from 1:30-3:30pm

Location:  Nurture Yoga & Massage, Richmond, IL

Throughout the practice we will incorporate loving, self-care techniques that will support your advancement, open your heart, and remind you of your heart's qualities of kindness and compassion.  

Eye of the Tiger/Tigress


Eye of the Tiger is an asana sequence based on the practice sequences in Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar. The sequence includes a full spectrum of yoga postures that begin with Sun Salutations, inversions, standing poses, backbends and arm balances. This 3.5 hour sequence is a challenge, but practicing it builds tremendous strength and endurance. 

In an Eye of the Tiger class, the instructor practices with the students. 

This is an intermediate level class. We suggest that you be familiar with sun salutations, inversions, know your limits and have humor and enthusiasm about your practice. 

Location:  Reaching Treetops Yoga in Waukesha, WI

Cost:  Regular Drop-In Rate or use your membership


Upcoming Dates:


Past Events:

Chakra Vinyasa Workshop

Location:  Nurture Yoga in Richmond, IL

Date:  Sunday, May 1st 2022 12:30-2:45pm

Chakra Mandala flow sequence that moves in a circular pattern, drawing from the intricate patterns found within the sacred geometries and mandalas of India.  This creates a living yantra through the sacred embodiment of postures.  Mudra, mantra, and meditation are potent instruments of recognition, empowerment, and healing.

You will also learn about the 7 chakras.  A journal and pen is recommended.

Pulsation Yoga Fall Retreat: "Step Into Courage"

Rise above self-doubt, trust in yourself and celebrate all that you accomplish in this inspiring weekend among a supportive, fun and energetic yoga community


October 4-6, 2019

Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, WI


The Pulsation Yoga Fall 2019 Yoga Retreat takes place at the scenic Lake Lawn resort in Delavan, WI, October 4-6, 2019. Only a short drive away, this retreat will take you a world away, as you journey within to discover your own power and courage to try something new.

We will kick off the weekend on October 4th by immediately rising above any self-doubt – quite literally – with an optional zipline tour minutes away from Lake Geneva. With the support of our strong community, we can soar above our fears and feel the freedom that it allows, inside and out.

Friday continues with an evening Resort Welcome Reception after check-in, followed by dinner and a meditation with Bhante Sujatha, the Loving Kindness monk.

Saturday we will wake our bodies and minds with an all-level yoga practice in a scenic room looking out over the lake. Later that afternoon, Sarah Brenes will weave story-telling and expressive insight into a quality practice, giving insight into how courage has a breath and courage has a posture. Saturday practices will end with gentle yoga before breaking for the day.

Sunday morning we will wrap up the yoga weekend with another inspiring group practice followed by brunch and check-out.


Heart of Self-Realization

June 7,8,9th 2019  Yama Yoga True North - Mequon, WI

Students have the option to register for individual classes or the entire weekend.
This weekend will be inspired by Kshemaraja's Pratyabhijna Hridayam, "The Heart of Self-Realization" --a true masterpiece of spiritual literature. In these 20 short verses (sutras) conveys the essence of a sublime philosophy, cosmology and spiritual path.
Come yoke your consciousness to the Divine.

Friday, June 7th 6-8PM
"The Nature of the Soul"
"The experiencers of this Grand Illusion are the various individual beings” (Sutra 1.6). The practice will use a steady stream of prana flow practice to avow the nature of the mind and clear the clouds to reveal our inner consciousness.

Saturday, June 8th 1-3PM 
"Blossoming the Center of Consciousness"
“As the Center of Consciousness Blossoms, the Individual Soul Attains the Bliss of the Goddess of of Universal Consciousness” (Sutra 1.17). This practice includes long held standing poses, breath work and meditation to get to the center of consciousness.

Sunday, June 7th 1-3PM
"Attain Mastery"
“On attaining mastery, the individual soul embodies the Universe” (Sutra 1.15). With this practice we will be using asymmetrical postures to access the strength of the core. True core strength enables us to look inside and really, truly see our own beauty. Arm balances, twists, balancing poses.
$60.00 for the weekend, or $20 for each session
Costa Rican Yoga and Rainforest Adventures
Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. 

What a fun adventure we will have!  A private house on the beach and in the rainforest of Puerto Viejo.  The sounds and sights of tropical birds and monkeys, daily adventures with our private tour guide/biologist Roberto Brenes into the forest, a swim in a picturesque waterfall on the Bribri Indian Reserve, Farm tour for Foodies at Finca la Isla Permaculture Farm and a local fair-trade chocolate plantation, snorkeling, diving, horseback rides along the beach, surf lessons, Caribbean food and more!

108 Hour Yoga Immersion 

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This is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves into yogic teachings: alignment, anatomy, philosophy, breathwork, and meditation practices that will further enhance your knowledge of Self, and empower students with the confidence to advance at all stages of practice—beginner or advanced, student or teacher.  Together as a community in a small, intimate setting, we will be gathering on weekend dates and studying all aspects of yoga.

The yoga intensive will total 108 hours of classroom time and is broken into 3 modules.  Each module is 5 weekend days and will include time both on and off the yoga mat, handouts, recommended texts to further support your studies.

Location:  Reaching Treetops Yoga, downtown location in Waukesha, WI

Cost:  $108 per module, or $300 for all 3

Enrollment:  Min 4, Max 16


Module 1:  Stepping Into the Heart 

Time and Dates: 8am-3:30pm Feb 18, 19, 25, 26, March 5

Overview of topics:  alignment principles, yamas and niyamas, concepts of non-dual tantric philosophy, yoga philosophy, anatomy of the spine, meditation, pranayama


Module 2:  Deepening the Journey 

Time and Dates: 8am-3:30pm  March 18,19,25,26, April 2

Overview of topics:  Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Tattvas of Tantric Cosmology, Kleshas, asana practices to support the philosophical and technical topics, therapeutic adjustments, energetic loops, anatomy of feet, legs, knees, and hips


Module 3:  Path of Awakening 

Time and Dates: 8am-3:30pm  April 22,23,29,30, May 7

Overview of topics:  Bhagavad Gita, subtle anatomy including chakras and vayus, doshas, malas. Mudra, mantra, meditation, further explanation of previous topics, level 2 asana poses, anatomy and therapeutic adjustments of shoulders and neck

Register Online Here
Spring Yoga Retreat with Noah Mazé
May 2-4 at Touch of Nature Environmental Center
  • 4 Yoga Classes with Noah Mazé
  • Canoe at Little Grassy Lake

  • Interpretive Wildflower Nature Hike

  • Swimming and Diving at Rocky Ledges

  • Night campfires and Frog Search

Save the date! Enjoy 4 Yoga Classes with Noah, recognized internationally as an accomplished yoga teacher. We will practice in a spacious room with a view overlooking the Shawnee National Forest and Little Grassy Lake. Retreat participants will also take a canoe adventure during the time of year the bald eagles will be present and nesting. Hike through a nature preserve, where rare and some endangered wildflowers will be in their full splendor. View the night sky far far away from the city lights while the frogs will be calling around the campfire on the beach. There will be many more sweet surprises.  The weekend will be catered with delicious local and organic food prepared by the Neighborhood Co-Op Grocery. For more information about Noah, click here .  To register, please do so here or phone Sarah at (847) 431-8945 and keep checking back for more updates as they develop!
Yoga Schedule:

Friday, May 2  6-8:30pm   Warrior Hearts:  Fearless Flow

Each of us has tremendous power to be agents of change in our lives and the world.  In this vinyasa style session, expect strong standing pose work, continuous practice, inversions, progressive sequencing and a passionate call to embody your most courageous self.  This workshop isn't just an amazing workout, great for developing strength and flexibility, but a wonderful catalyst for tapping into your source of power.  Bring a towel.

Saturday, May 3  8:30-11:00am   Bend, Don't Break

This workshop will build upon the pose work of Friday evening, adding twisting poses, hip openers and progressive sequencing toward back bending.  We will dive deeply into our bodies and minds and hearts to seek the progress in expansion and truth in limitation.  Pose stages, the use of props and the application of achievable modifications will be provided to all levels of yogi.  While Noah teaches the poses and strategies to improve each pose, he'll also help you heighten your awareness of your entire practice.

Saturday, May 3  4-6:30pm  Roaming Inside

We ROAM into the interior realms of introspective forward bends, nourishing twists and deep hip openers.  We build from fundamental poses and actions, to growing your lotus, and perhaps, who knows, you might put a leg behind your head.  Come prepared to go deep, roam far, and experience the nectar of deep practice.

Sunday, May 4 11:00am-1:30pm  108 Ways to Grow a Lotus

Hip openers + core, forward bends + core, twists + core, inversions and some more hip openers provide the catalytic combustion for this arm balance practice of Lotus in 108 ways.  The lotus flower is a potent symbol of transformation, rooted in the mud and unfolding into the beauty of life's possibilities.


Registration Information:

Deluxe Retreat Packages:  Includes 2 nights stay, healthy, meals catered by the Neighborhood Co-Op Grocery, Outdoor Adventures (canoe trek and interpretive wildflower hike), and Yoga with Noah.  Prices vary with your lodging choices.  Little Grassy Lodge has hotel-style accomodations (private bathroom), Rustic lodging choice has shared bathroom in hall.

Little Grassy Lodge Private Room Deluxe Retreat Package:  $376.00*

Little Grassy Lodge Shared Room Deluxe Retreat Package:  $323.00*

Rustic Private Room Deluxe Retreat Package:  $344.20*

Rustic Shared Room Deluxe Retreat Package:  $307.10*

  *includes state-required hotel tax

Commuter Rates:

Single Yoga Class:  $55 each

Commuter:  All 4 Yoga Classes:  $200

Commuter Deluxe:  Entire Retreat without overnight lodging (meals, outdoor adventures, 4 yoga classes): $295

Payment Options:  Send check or money order made out to Sarah Brenes, EcoYogadventures 150 W. Newhall Ave.  Waukesha, WI 53186

Yoga Retreat Cancelled due to Covid19
April 24-26, 2020

​Retreat Itinerary:
Friday 4 to 6 pm - Arrival & welcome
            6 to 8pm - Master Class(open to the public)
            8 to 9pm - Social Time

Saturday - The day begins at 7:30am with morning meditation, reflection & light breakfast  followed by an hour and half morning yoga practice. We will have some open time and lunch before heading to the Cache River for a guided paddle in the afternoon.
                 5:30pm - Dinner and free time followed by an evening restorative yoga practice. We'll wind up around 8 or 9pm.

Sunday  - The day begins at 8:30am with morning meditation, reflection & light breakfast followed by an hour and a half morning yoga practice. The morning into early afternoon will be spacious and finish with lunch then our closing & goodbyes by about 1:30pm.

Cost: $240 for entire weekend includes delicious vegetarian meals and snacks, paddle and all sessions
           $215 early bird rate if payment is made by Friday, April 10th.
           $40 for Master Class only.

Overnight Accommodation: Send a message and Bonnie will explain possibilities. We'd like to make this affordable for everyone who would like to fully retreat for the weekend, rather than driving back & forth to home if they live nearby. Camping by donation is an option since the weather will be warmer.

Registration: You will be officially registered once payment has been made. We are accepting Paypal and check.
Paypal: send a message from the email you have registered with Paypal. Bonnie will send you an invoice.
Check: mail to Center For Lost Arts, P. O. Box 451, Cobden, IL 62920

You DO NOT need to pay for accommodation in advance. Thank you and we look forward to sharing this wonderful weekend with you.

Sarah Brenes, Bonnie Burton & Mark Denzer


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